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World acclaimed futurist and tech expert Scott Steinberg presents the review!

HOLODOCK - Hologram Technology | NewsWatch Review from NewsWatch Television on Vimeo.

A New Positive Image (a blog from HOLODOCK LLC)

The  HOLODOCK® is not another one of those Holographic displays that encases a  Pepper's Ghost image inside a transparent pyramid-like structure or behind a transparent flat sheet that is positioned at an angle or vertically.  In contrast, the  HOLODOCK® frees the 3D appearing image to hang and move in aerial space in front of a thin background structure; without the need for special viewing glasses.  The appearance is much more reminiscent of the famous outer space sci-fi fantasy movie scene wherein a Holographic image of the beautiful princess of intergalactic heritage is projected in front of the small friendly robot.  Put your hand through a projected HOLODOCK® image. You will feel the normal air and nothing else!


In the current version, a typical 2D tablet is docked in front of the background structure of the HOLODOCK.  A 3D enhancement of the tablet's image appears to float before a viewer who is standing, more or less, directly in front of the structure.  The window for the floating image is approximately 5 inches tall by 5 inches wide.  It appears, in a mesmerizing fashion about one foot out from the thin background surface behind it. 


Owners will be able to process their choice of  many 2D photos, videos and digital images with the free HOLODOCK video editor for subsequent 3D effect aerial image display.  The current system should go for around $200 for its introductory price. A simple assembly and calibration of the unit is required.  The availability for purchase of the HOLODOCK® in 2019 will be announced.

UPDATE  Spring 2019


Hi, this will be an update(to be written) for Spring 2019. Stay tuned please.